About The Journal

The journal covers a wide range of research and development issues such as:

  • the creation, transmission, and exchange of information;
  • economics and improvement of process control and collaboration;
  • safety and technical devices testing;
  • programming algorithms and data processing;
  • manufacturing procedures and technology;
  • conceptual problems of data processing.

We ensure that our journal is the best place for presenting new concepts and debatable opinions, and sharing experience among professionals in electronic development.

Topics that are embraced include the challenges facing artificial intelligence, the base configuration of electronic components, the history of domestic and foreign electronics development, the philosophies guiding future development and theoretical issues in the production, testing, and quality control of electronic information systems. The practical challenges in the day-to-day work of scientists, researchers, and engineers are also addressed.

The journal aims to improve the effectiveness of everyone who is a part of this modern, high-tech industry and strengthen the development of homegrown electronics.